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​​Like the Rubics cube, every business requires a combination of marketing options to meet its marketplace challenges.


Change is difficult, but never impossible. Consider EndGame Marketing Solutions as your change agent.

Sometimes, you just need another set of eyes and ears to create a new spark of energy. That's us.

Help is On the Way


It’s not about big data. It’s not about small data. It’s about the right data, and that’s what
we are all about – finding the right data to help your team navigate the science of data.


We begin by analyzing your customer base, using our proprietary DECILE PROFILING
system. You’ll never look at your customers the same way again. Then, identify those
prospects that have the greatest likelihood to buy from you. They’re out there and just
need a little nudge.

DECILE PROFILING is a tactic that we created over 30 years ago. 

Get started by:

  1. Capturing all your customers by account number, name, and state (and country if you sell internationally) with any SALES activity in the last rolling 12 months. Start with an Excel spreadsheet unless your database is too big.

  2. Including sales dollars, number of transactions, number of units purchased of all SKUs, and date of last transaction.

  3. Ranking customers in descending dollar volume based on rolling last 12 months.

  4. Adding total sales for all accounts on the list and divide by 10. If the total is $1,000,000, each decile is $100,000.

  5. Adding a cumulative sales by customer column.

  6. Identifying the top group of customers that account for $100K. That's Decile #1. Repeat until all customers are assigned deciles.

  7. Contacting EndGame Marketing Solutions to learn how to turn these numbers into marketing magic. It's a science.


We will help your team construct a game plan to connect with and stay connected with your current customers, lost customers and prospects. We’ll help develop new creative for maximum results.

Our marketing definition says it all:

"It's what you do to stay emotionally engaged with your customers."


Without strategy, you’re just guessing. We take the guesswork out of your marketing initiatives and wrap them into a solid strategy document.


Our strategic positioning takes the complexity out of complex and is based on our SIMPLiFY model.​

It's a Process We Take Seriously

- We identify your desired business outcomes

- We create a transformation plan

- We focus on the customer first

- We empower "Innovation Agents"

- We bridge the old and the new

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