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The EndGame:
New Thinking. New Vision. New Energy©

We focus on helping midsize brands and agencies that need thought-leadership to create a new level of marketing energy. Sometimes, a brand needs a push to see through the new complexities of the post COVID influenced marketplace. Our job is to step in on a short term or part-time basis. We'll identify your relationship marketing gaps, build a strategy to fill them and move your brand forward. The good news is when the energy pops, you'll know it. And, we'll keep working with you until it happens.


We are only as good as the resources we bring into the process of creating energy. Some initial engagements are thought leadership driven and may only involve our executive strategist and a white board. But not always.

The marketing stuff we're really good at:
  • Strategy - finding and filling gaps in your current marketing initiatives.
  • Analytics - our Decile Profiling Model will change how you look at your business.
  • Story Builder - why be a storyteller when you can be a story BUILDER?